Rough Cut(s)

HD Video, color, sound, 12’27’’ loop

Dimensions variable

Post-production: Peakfein Studio, Zürich, CH

With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the Cornell Council of the Arts (CCA), USA

Link to the Video

If the recent gene technologies provide the ability to edit, add, or suppress specific genes, in cinema, film editing gives editors the means of recomposing and “re-inventing” an entire (Hi)-story. Starting from these assumptions, the video considers found footage, original soundtrack, interviews, and educational 3D animations, to unpack the visual and conceptual imbrication of film and bioengineering. It explores the space of contact between the two technologies, their politics and rhetoric that allows explaining the subcellular through the mechanic.

© All images are copyright Pascal Schwaighofer. Texts copyright Pascal Schwaighofer and the respective authors.