Pascal Schwaighofer

Visual Artist
Postdoctoral Fellow at Franklin University Switzerland
Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Cornell University
Mellon Graduate Fellow, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University (2022-23)

Pollen People, 2018
Potatoes, guache, book, wood.

Dimensions variable

Exhibition view: Kunstmuseum Olten, 2018

Starting from Waldemar Bonsel’s controversial Bildungsroman entitledThe Adventures of Maya the Bee, the work is an attempt to engender a dialog between the novel’s main character, the “honeybee metaphor”, and the notion of work.

The artwork consist of a large-sized sleeping Maya printed on the museum’s wall by means of the potatoes printing technique. The 80 Kilograms of cut and carved potatoes have been arranged on the floor in front of the mural.

The artwork has been commissioned by the Kunstmuseum Olten, in Switzelrand in occasion of the centenary of the
1918 Swiss General Strike.