B for Benommenheit  
Awning, clay, showcase, smartphone, plastic,  documents
Dimensions variable  

Exhibition view: Museum Haus Konstruktiv, 2017

«Die Benommenheit ist das Grundwesen des Organismus.» Martin Heidegger, Die Grundbegriffe der Metaphysik

Starting from the logo of a former grocery the work is an attempt to track a veri similar ontology of the Animal and its consequent iconography. The work consists of an assemblage of visual testimony, archeological reconstruction, and a fictional display. With a quote from Heidegger’s “What is Metaphysics?” in which he designates the animal as “poor in world,” an exerpt of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cartoon, and a butcher’s wrapping paper, the aim is to unfold one of the many Western anthropocentric representation of the Animal.

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